House of Restoration
Full Gospel Community Church
A place where God is restoring the whole man, Spirit, Soul, and Body
"I want to thank the Lord for peace. With all the things that was going on around me my mind was in turmoil. The Lord gave me a peace in my spirit that I had never experienced before. Phil 4:7 tells us that God will give us a peace that surpasses all understanding . It's true because I've experienced it."
(Sis. Marie)

 "I give all the glory to God and thank him for all that he has done. I had been praying for a new truck for around three years. I had wrote down in detail, down to the color, what I wanted in my new truck. I prayed over it daily and as I went about my day I thanked the lord for my truck. I prayed, fasted, sewed seed offerings in faith and believing that I would get my truck. At times it would get hard as my car started to get worse and I would ask the lord when, when will the door be open for me to get my truck? But I would still thank him for it and I had to stand on my faith that I would have my blessing. I truly understand that our time is not the time of the Lords and that he will be there always on time. It has also taught me a better appreciation of my truck that I know only the Lord could have provided me. Faith, Sees the invisible, believes the incredible, and receives the impossible."
(Bro. Sean)

 I am currently a senior at college. Last semester I did not qualify for nor could I get a grant for college. I asked my mom and step dad, but they did not plan it in the budget, they were certain I would get a grant. I asked my mom what I was going to do. She kept telling me to wait and see what God was going to do. I waited and on the last day of registration I received a call from my mechanics instructor, who told me to come to the school and register. I told him I did not have the funds to pay, he told me to come anyway. I went thinking this was going to be a wasted trip. Whenever I got to college, the president of the college had “created” a scholarship for me. It covered all my tuition expenses and my books. God supplied my need then and he also blessed me with $1500 dollars worth of brand new tools and a tool box. I did not pay anything for the tools/tool box. 
(Bro. Bert)